Dragon Fruit Juice

This past weekend, had been to one of the korean stores. Usually go there to get some of the tropical veggies or rather just to see if we could get the vegetables that we used to eat while growing up, vegetables like amaranth, dill, raw jackfruit, bamboo shoots....and lots more.... But the one that took ours and lot of other people's attention was this dark pink fruit...the label read..Dragon fruit (also called pitaya). I had a sports drink which was dragon fruit flavored, but had never seen this fruit..did not even search it on the internet.

So bought this fruit. It is wonderful to just look at it too. Got home, cut it into two parts and it resembled the kiwi fruit with tiny little black seeds. Scoop the pulp/flesh. We ate 1/4 part as it is, and the remaining, blended with 1/2cup of water and 1 tsp sugar. Loved it!!!

Here are some of the pictures.


Pari Vasisht said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by. This is new fruit to me,surely looks good. I was exploring your blog and could read a lot of Marathi words. I guess you speak Marathi.
I liked your Karlyache Kaap, chane usal, Matki chi patal bhaaji.
Sopya ani Chhan recipes ahet.
Good going.
Keep visiting dear.

SE said...

yes, I do speak marathi as I am from Belgaum

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