Denufood - The name combines the first two letters of the two words - delicious and nutritious !

Denufood - Delicious and Nutritious Food Receipes from our kitchen, features the flavors of regional Indian cuisine, international cuisines and featuring Vegan,VegetarianNon-VegetarianSea foodrecipes! Come share and enjoy some of quick, simple easy recipes!

We have been part of Belgaum, Mumbai, Goa in INDIA and currently located in Maryland, USA. And being part of Belgaum which is border to Maharashtra and Goa,  the food is influenced by the humble cuisines of North Karnataka, Maharastra & Goan/Konkan.

Cooking has always been fascinating and started cooking since we were kids..and now we are just moving from the recipe book of our to this blog...which is an extension of our enthusiasm for cooking a healthy and nutritious delicacies

Dedicated to our parents & grand parents !

Come share and enjoy some of the recipes from our kitchen!!

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