Shami Kabab

Shami Kabab is one of the lucknowi/moglai cuisine speciality. No claims about originality since we have made little changes according to our needs., i.e., we did not add eggs and did not deep fry it, two things which the original recipe calls for.


1 lb chicken, ground/minced
1 cup yellow split peas / chana dal
11/2 cup onions,chopped
3 cups water
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
2 eggs(optional)
salt to taste
oil for frying

For Dry Masala
1 1/2 tsp corriander powder
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
5 red chillies, dried
6 green cardomom
2 black cardomom
3 cloves
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 bayleaf
1 pinch methi seeds

Preparation Method:

1. Grind all the dry masala/spices into fine powder. I used coffee grinder.
2. In a large vessel add chicken, chana dal, onion, ginger garlic paste, salt, and the above ground masala. Add water and let it cook for 30 - 40 minutes or until about there is very little water (less then 1/2 cup) of water remaining in the vessel.
3.Once cooked, grind mixture to fine thik paste.
4. Make small balls and flatten them.
5. In a flat pan, add oil and shallow fry the kabas on both the sides until slightly golden brown (The kababs can also be deep fried if you want to.)
6. It is usually served with mint chutney, we prefer with nan or rice.

Preparation Time: 1 hour (includes cooking)
Serves: 4 -7

If using eggs, add the eggs in step 3 and knead the mixture, and follow the procedure from 4 to 6.
You can also dip the kababs in whiskend egg and then shallow fry or deep fry.

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