Ambadi/Gongura Bhaji – Red Sorrel Leaves Side Dish

Recipe: Cooked red sorrel leaves tempered with garlic and peanut powder !

AmbadiGongura Here, I am back after more than a month, having missed a lot of your posts. I am waiting to see lot of yummy recipes which have been posted. I’ve got a 10 day break before I start by fall semester, so hopefully I make best use of my free time now.
I had prepared this curry/sabzi a while ago, finally it gets its due by getting it published. This Ambadi/Gongura also know as Red Sorrel Leaves is one of the famous and my favorite leafy vegetables. The leaves are tangy and mildly acidic,although has a lot of medicinal properties. It helps cool the body and is also used in reducing fever, an ideal greens during summers to take off that extra body heat. There are lot of other health benefits which you can read here.
There are lot of recipes using these ambadi/gongura leaves, and this one is my favorite cooked in combination with little rice and coarse peanut powder.

1 large bunch of ambadi/gongura leaves
1/4 cup raw rice
3 –4 green chilies or according to taste
2 –3 tbsp oil
5-6 big garlic cloves – minced
1/4 cup peanut power (coarsely ground)
pinch of asafetida
salt to taste

Preparation Method:
1. Rinse the sorted the leaves. Add these leaves and rice in a vessel with boiling water. Let it simmer for 10 –12 minutes. Once the rice get cooked, drain. Collect the water if you like to use it in a curry or rasam/soup.
2. Heat oil in a vessel. Add the minced garlic and saute.
3. Add asafetida and peanut powder and roast for few seconds.
4. Add the cooked drained ingredients and mash. Add salt and turmeric. Cook for few minutes and then turn off heat.
5. Garnish with a 1/2 tsp of oil and chili powder
6. Serve with bhakri/chapati or bread.

Preparation time: 10 –12 mins boiling
5 – 6 mins preparation

Serves: 2 - 4


Pretty Zesty said...

Very interesting recipe! Sounds and looks super tasty!

Namitha said...

Hey Sharada ! How are you? long time,huh?
This is my hubby's fav...brought some from Hyderabad during our latest India trip:-) This looks yumm

Satya said...

wow its s delicious recipe ...never tried gongura this way ..


Sushma Mallya said...

Hi sharada,how are you?so nice to see you looks really healthy...

Deepa said...

hey Sharada, welcome back..good use of the break time..Me too coming back from hibernation :P..this recipes looks so healthy and authentic..nice click. all the best for your next semister..

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

never tried gongura in my cooking.sounds interestin with the addition of garlic and peanut powder.

Nivedita Thadani said...

How are you? Long time,I did not hear from you. Do visit my blog.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

It's been a while since we hear from you....Nice to see you back with a healthy dish....
Hamaree Rasoi

Latha said...

Welcome back....Gongura dish looks super delicious.

Shriya said...

Very interesting recipe , totally yummy!!

SE said...

thank you all for stopping by..yes its been a while i had a post !!

Unknown said...

Sounds tasty and healthy

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