Palak Daal / Lentil Spinach Curry/Soup


I am unable to get some nice red chili powder so seriously contemplating of buying the whole byadgi chilies & grinding them to fine powder. These chilies give a blazing red hot color to the dish and is milder in taste.

I had a huge bunch of spinach and used all of it to make the curry. Since we wanted to have it as a soup, I’ve used very less amounts of lentil/toor dal. So if you prefer to have thick dal with roti’s, parathas or even rice,  use generous amounts of toor dal. The rest steps will remain the same !

Here’s a simple recipe !



1/2 cup toor dal /split pigeon peas

6 cups fresh spinach, chopped

1 medium tomato, chopped

1/2 cup onion, chopped

2 tbsp oil

5 –6 big garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp chili powder

1/8 tsp turmeric

1/4 tsp tamarind pulp

salt to taste


Preparation Method:

1. Add chopped spinach, toor dal/lentil, tomatoes and onions into a pressure cooker and let it cook till about 3 whistles. Let it cool.

2. Heat oil in a deep vessel. Add the minced garlic and saute till you get the aroma of the fried garlic.

3. Immediately add the cooked contents from the pressure cooker. Add salt, chili powder, turmeric, tamarind pulp and bring it to boil.

4. Let it simmer for few minutes. Serve with rice, chapati or have it as a soup !


SpinachLentil (2)

Preparation Time: 30 mins

Serves: 2 – 4


Pretty Zesty said...

Yum. I would love some soup today. It's nasty out!

kitchen queen said...

a healthy and nice dish.

Sushma Mallya said...

dal palak is very healthy and i usually do this one ...your recipe too is very nice and lovely clicks too...beautiful flowers

San said...

Refreshing soup as well as a healthy soup.Yet to try this one.Impressive work.

sayantani said...

perfect comfort food. looks really tempting.

Namitha said...

That's a comforting combo...love this :-)

Simplyfood said...

This soup looks so healthy and delicious.Nice presentation.

Priya Suresh said...

Palak daal looks truly fantastic..

Sarah Naveen said...

Nice presentation..looks so yummy!!

Joanne said...

I'm willing to bet that it would be so much cheaper to just grind your own chili powder! And would taste better.

This soup looks delicious.

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

healthy and yummy soup.

PS said...

i too prepare spinach dhal almost the same way, looks yummy..

Kanchan said...

I always had Palak Dal with rice and papad, never tried as soup !

Tina said...

Simple and delicious soup...

Srikitchen said...

its really very healthy and colorful!

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canadian red yeast rice said...

Curry soup added with lentils tastes good and is a healthy meal.

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